Cool & Creative Ways to Use Your Muffin Tins!

Craft Supply Caddy

on March 30, 2012

Here’s a genius idea… you saw the Condiment Caddy right? (If not, read back a few posts, lol!) Well meet the Craft Supply Caddy…… Tada!!

Pretty smart huh? Well it gets even better! The folks at Disney’s Family Fun Magazine call this a Magnetic Tote for a reason…

Notice the bottom of the cup… it a magnet!! They keep the cups from tipping over! Like I said GENIUS 🙂 Here’s how to do it…
  • 1 jumbo-size muffin pan
  • Self-adhesive magnetic sheeting (sold at craft stores)
  • 6 (16-ounce) plastic cups
1. Simply cut out circles of self-adhesive magnetic sheeting and stick them to the bottoms of the plastic cups. This will make them tip-resistant once you set them in the pan.
That’s it, one step! This will take you less than 30 minutes from start to finish… unless you have little helpers, like I do at my house, then it may take a little longer 😉
Now at this point in my blog series you may be asking does she really do all this stuff ? How many muffin tins does this woman have? Well the answer is YES and I am ALWAYS on the hunt for muffin tins, lol! I pick them up whenever and wherever I can. I even have loving friends who pick them up for me when they see them at their local thrift stores because mine had none! (Thank you Melissa <3) My husband is even getting in on the action… he bought me 2 new ones when he went to PA  on business this week! I can’t wait to put them to good use!! So don’t let the fact that you only have one or two keep you from getting creative with your muffin tins! Go out and explore your local thrift stores, yard sales, dollar stores, antique shops even regular retail stores have them pretty cheap. I bet there are all kinds of little nooks in your own communities to explore, with muffin tins just waiting for you to find them and put them to good use. I’ve got lots more great stuff to post, so go out and hunt up some muffin tins and get busy!! 🙂

One response to “Craft Supply Caddy

  1. Muffin TOP says:

    You are most welcome my creative friend 🙂

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