Cool & Creative Ways to Use Your Muffin Tins!

Easter Egg Dyeing Container

on April 5, 2012

With Easter fast approaching there’s bound to be lots of egg dyeing going on so here’s a quick tip for egg dyeing  I came across on Pinterest that I thought you might enjoy! For those of you with kids out there it comes from a site called Parent Hacks and you will want to visit this site for sure! I love their tag line at the top of the page…”We’ve got forehead-smackingly smart tips, that help you simplify family life, save money and have fun. Hacks come from parents just like you. Because you’re an expert. You’re a Parenthacker.” Once I read that I was hooked! 🙂 Anyway tons of great tips there from other brilliant parents just like us was my point, go check ’em out! Here’s one from a gal named Leah on dyeing Easter eggs in her muffin tins which is why I’m sharing it here with you all today!! Gotta show the muffin tin love 😉

Leah says this about her egg dyeing experience…

“A large muffin baking pan works really well for egg dyeing. I have two and was able to use one for dyeing and one for drying dyed eggs before putting them back in the carton.  The 3 tablespoons of water fits well in a cup (err on the scant side; a couple overflowed when I dropped eggs in), and it’s nice to be able to use all 12 dye tablets in a single container.”

I suggest you prepare for the mess of egg dyeing by putting down newspaper or better yet plastic table cloths if you’ve got ’em or layer up and do both lol! 🙂 Who has ever heard of neat egg dyeing? Don’t forget your clothing, protect it with an apron/ smock or wear old clothes that don’t mind the stains 🙂 However you do it have fun and be creative and enjoy this special time with your children and family! Happy Egg Dyeing everyone!!


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