Cool & Creative Ways to Use Your Muffin Tins!

Muffin Tin Sorting (plus a bonus craft)

on May 24, 2012

Everybody loves a two for one deal! So this morning I have some more educational fun with muffin tins plus a craft to go with it 😀

Color sorting is fun with muffin tins and easy too. Here are some pictures to give you ideas…


The pom poms came from Pinterest but there was no site to trace it back to.

– The concept is pretty simple though… just use colored paper and cut out a circle that is large enough to fill the bottom of each cup (a different color for each muffin space). Then give your child the color coordinating pom poms to sort! You can pick up these supplies at any craft or teacher store, even Walmart and I love the primary & pastel color themes, how fun!

The paper squares come from

– The same concept applies for the paper squares… cut out a circle that is large enough to fill the bottom of each tray (a different color for each muffin space). Then cut twenty-five small squares of each color that is in the tin. Mix up the colored squares and have them put the squares into the cup with the same matching color paper.

*NOTE: Store pom poms and paper squares in plastic baggies for later use. This is a great rainy day activity 🙂

Now for the Fruit Loops!! This one comes from A great site for babysitters, it has activities for all ages and lots of great tips! They really focus on safety, hence the name 😉 Here are their instructions for sorting fruit loops…

Materials Needed:

  • Muffin tin
  • Multi-colored, O-shaped cereal (approved by parent) OR
  • Safe toys of different colors


  1. Using a muffin tin, have the toddler or preschooler sort cereal by color.  Most young children love to sort things and are able to sort by color with help from you. If approved by parent, let child eat the cereal.
  2. If cereal is not available or not approved by parent, have the child sort toys (such as blocks) by color. Then play with the blocks or different colored toys.

And now for your little something extra… the bonus craft! 😀

Cereal Bracelet Craft from No Time for Flashcards learning and play for babies, toddlers and kids.

Do you remember candy bracelets?  This activity puts an educational and healthier twist to that bracelet from your past.



Muffin tin

Pipe Cleaners (aka chenille stems)

Loop cereal such as Fruit Cheerios or Fruit Loops



Have child sort cereal by color into the muffin tin. While that is going on (or you can do this before hand) fold the tips of the chenille stems inward to make sure the wire does not poke the children.

Ask which colors he or she would like to use to make a bracelet.  They may only want to use 2, 3 or all six colors! Then ask them to thread the cereal onto the stem in a pattern. Depending on your child, you can do patterns of AB AB, AA BB (like you see below), ABC ABC, or any other pattern.

* NOTE: Even if your child is not ready for patterns simply threading the cereal onto the stem is a great activity for working on fine motor skills.

To make it a neat bracelet simply wrap the chenille stem around their wrist and twist the ends together.  Now you have a great snack to finish up your fun learning activity.  And the best thing about this snack is that it is portable and can be taken along for the fun!

How about that?!!! Fun, learning and a snack all rolled into one!

Come back next week for more muffin tin fun, I have a couple new recipes to share!

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone, enjoy 😀










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