Cool & Creative Ways to Use Your Muffin Tins!

Cupcake Candle Holders

on June 11, 2012

Today I’ve got something pretty neat for ya! This one comes all the way from Holland… on a blog called Songbird… Where creativity and nesting come together. I love this blog, a lot of beautiful stuff here folks check it out 🙂 Including Cupcake Candle Holders!

Beautiful right?!!! Not to mention VERY creative 🙂

Here is how Marianne makes the muffin tin magic happen!

Your list of ingredients:

Moulding plaster


Empty yogurt or margarine tub (any disposable bowl you are willing to mix plaster in that is flexible)

Muffin tin & paper liners

Aluminum foil candle holder thingies(see link & explanation below)

Something small to use as weights

Spray paint & primer (if you wish to paint them)

See photo below…

[Cupcake Candle Holders Ingredients[3].jpg]

This is what you do…

Mix water with plaster. Estimate the quantity you need based on how many cupcakes you want to make. Gently mix it together, you don’t want to create air bubbles. Mix until your “batter” is slightly runny so it will even out when you shake it a bit, but it’s not too liquid any more (think thick yogurt) or it won’t firm up properly. Just keep adding water or plaster until you get it right.

Fill your cupcake papers. A silicone muffin tin will make removing the cupcakes really easy later (just remember to put it on a tray first because it is hard to move otherwise) but a regular tin works too.

Remember to fill up those papers because this batter won’t rise. If you fill above the papers you will get a solid band on top (like I have with this batch).

Shuffle the tin a bit until the top of the cupcake evens out. Any imperfections you can remove now will save you sanding time later.

Immediately push a candle holder thingie into the batter. Aim for the middle and don’t distort it’s shape. Put something small and heavy in it to keep it down ( I used bolts but heavy marbles would work too). Let fully dry.

Remove paper, sand off any imperfections, spray paint with primer and then spray with the paint color of your choice.

I embellished with real cupcake sprinkles. I used Glossy Accents glue to attach the pearls.


So that’s how you do it. I am very inspired to give it a try, aren’t you?!!!

Here is a link for “aluminum candle holder thingies” lol. I thought they were just foil mini muffin tin liners but apparently there is such a thing?! 😉

Here’s another style but I am not so sure these would work… candle holders. After all of my research I think I am just going to find some foil mini cupcake liners and try that, lol!

A few tips… I would decorate with beads or something not edible (instead of actual cupcake decorations) that are more likely to hold up over time and not attract critters, four legged, six legged or even the human 2 legged kind which would be the case at my house!

And here’s a tip from Marianne… “Let the tub and spoon to dry, DON’T rinse them in the sink because the plaster might clog up your drains! If you leave it to dry fully you can later just dent the tub (that’s why I recommended something plastic & bendable) and the dried plaster will come loose and you can just put it in the trash and use the tub for your next project.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial as much as I have… here are some more shots of these beautiful cupcakes 🙂

The pearl one…

[Cupcake Candle Holders 1[3].jpg]

What a beautiful grouping these make! They really spice up your old candle stick holders, so if you’re looking for something different, there ya go! You’ve updated them, changed the look and it didn’t cost as much as new ones would!!

[Cupcake-Candle-Holders-53.jpg]  [Cupcake-Candle-Holders-42.jpg]

I just love how simple & elegant they look! Not bad for something that came out of a muffin tin right?!!!

Are you inspired yet?


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