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Easy Breakfast Sandwiches

on June 15, 2012

Here’s a super simple recipe for breakfast, heck even lunch or a snack! I could eat these anytime of the day 😀 We’ve even made them on those always fun “breakfast for dinner” nights!

I found the recipe on Pinterest and traced  it back to this blog… All Things Homie

There are several versions of this but I liked the step by step pictures here 🙂

Easy Breakfast Sandwiches

Here’s what you’ll need…

12 cup muffin tin

cooking spray

Canadian bacon (12 slices)

12 eggs

salt & pepper (to taste)

shredded cheese (whichever kind you like)

12 English muffins


1. Preheat to your oven to 375.

2. Lightly spray each muffin cup with cooking spray.

3. Put a slice of Canadian bacon in each muffin cup.

4. Next add an egg, salt & pepper to that.

5. Top with cheese (I use finely shredded cheddar).

6. Put in oven to bake for 15 minutes.

7. While waiting for these to cook, toast your English muffins.

8. When everything is ready assemble your sandwiches and enjoy!

Note: These freeze well so I always make a whole batch and just pop them out of the freezer as needed to use during the week or whenever.

How to freeze & reheat your muffins…

Once the sandwich is cooled wrap tightly in plastic wrap. Place wrapped sandwiches in a labeled freezer bag.

To reheat your breakfast sandwich you can take it directly from the freezer unwrap the plastic wrap and then wrap loosely in a paper towel. Place in the microwave for 1 minute. Check sandwich and heat more if necessary since most microwaves vary.

There you have it! Easy Peasy right?!! I especially love the freeze & reheat factor here 😀 So with yesterday’s post and today’s you now have breakfast for the weekend! I hope you all have a great one… At  least I know you’ll have a good breakfast 😉 See you Monday!!


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