Cool & Creative Ways to Use Your Muffin Tins!

Candy Match Game

on June 19, 2012

Whether it’s too wet or to steamy and your stuck inside with the kiddos, take the time to play with them, you will both appreciate it later 🙂  Here is a fun game for those days when it’s too yucky to go outside & play. Packed full of learning opportunities for your little one! This activity is great for teaching counting, 1 to 1 correspondence as well as practicing fine motor skills and so much more!


What you need…

Mini muffin tin

One large foam dice

A cup of M&M’s for each player (sorted into colors as seen above)


Here’s the how to from Michelle from at Totally Tots.

To play, we took turns rolling the dice and then matching the M&M’s to the dots on the dice.  This really helped Juliette (2.5 years) practice counting and to see how many she needed.  For Emily (almost 5 years old) this was great practice in recognizing the amounts shown on the dice, she would say how many she needed and then get them.


Finally, she placed one M&M in each spot in the mini-muffin tin and then the next person took their turn until we filled up the whole tray.


While working together to fill up the tray we did a lot of counting.  The girls were excited when we finished and Emily thought it would be a good idea to count each color of M&M’s to see which color we had the most of.  This was a great opportunity to extend this for Emily and talk about comparing amounts.

*This game can be changed to fit any theme that you are working with, instead of candy you can use mini erasers, buttons, coins, pom poms or any other small items you wish.

You can’t beat good old fashioned play time with your kids, it goes so far ❤ And how cool that we can do it with a muffin tin, lol!

I have more learning while you play, muffin tin activities to share so keep coming back for more!!


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