Cool & Creative Ways to Use Your Muffin Tins!

Match -a- Roo

on July 23, 2012

Happy Monday everyone! As promised today I will share with you another fun & educational reading game from Jodie at Growing Book By Book!

This one is called Match-a-Roo and it requires that the child match an object with a word.

As you can see Jodie used colors and color words but you can use whatever you like depending on your child’s level. She even suggests matching Spanish words with their English equivalents! I wouldn’t have thought of that one! 😉


Materials Needed:

1 muffin tin

12 small post-its or small paper slips

1 marker

a variety of small colored objects (In the picture above, Jodie used removable colored dots, colored paper clips and marker caps.)


Here’s What You Do:

Place a colored object in each muffin tin.  Next, write each corresponding word on a post-it or other small paper slips.  The child then takes the words and places each in the correct tin.


That’s pretty simple right?! You can challenge your child in SO many ways with this activity. You’ll be glad you did when they’re SUPER KIDS and bringing home the A’s. Early literacy very important, especially now a days! Help your child get ahead by playing with them, play after all is the BEST way to learn 🙂


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